Roundup post of 20 Halloween cocktails

20 Halloween cocktails

Are you ready for Halloween?! Now that everybody is busy with their costume and planning their party I collected 20 of the best Halloween cocktails out there to make your life a little easier! Other Halloween ideas you will love Bloody chocolate mousse pie (egg free) 20 spooky Halloween treats…

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Blackberry jam and a blackberry plant

Blackberry jam

Homemade blackberry jam is an easy, delicious, and quick way to use up your summer berries. It’s summer! And for me that means picking berries in my fathers garden. Making your own jam is super easy all you need is fruit, sugar, and sometimes a little pectin and lemon juice.…

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20 bread recipe round up

20 delicious bread recipes

Don’t be intimidated by the thought that baking bread is difficult. With the right ingredients and a good recipe, it’s actually very easy to do and what is better than the smell of freshly baked bread? I love making bread. You seem to feel the same way about that. A…

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Chocolate salted caramel truffles on a counter with a spoon and caramel sauce

Chocolate salted caramel truffles

Homemade chocolate salted caramel truffles are delicious and super easy to make. Made with only 7 ingredients these creamy, melt in your mouth trufles are the perfect gift. You can vary endlessly with chocolate truffles. I chose to make chocolate salted caramel truffles but hazelnuts, coconut or a bit of…

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Pancakes filled with jam on a plate


These pancakes are soft, delicious and super easy to make. Perfect for lunch, dinner or as a dessert the possibilities are endless! These pancakes are thinner than American pancakes but slightly thicker than crepes. They are often eaten with jam or apples for dessert or with bacon, cheese or both…

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Bowl of applesauce with an apple


Soft, sweet homemade applesauce made with just two ingredients. You can add sugar, cinnamon and lemon juice to taste. I never add sugar or other sweeteners to my applesauce because I want my applesauce to taste like well… apples but if you use tart apples or you just like your…

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Lemon meringue pies with an empty tin

No-bake lemon meringue pie

These no-bake lemon meringue pies are great for summer. Made with a cookie crust, a refreshing lemon filling and an Italian meringue on top they are the perfect dessert for every occasion. No-bake recipes are one of the most popular kinds of recipes on my website. That was to be…

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round-up post about 20 Easter desserts

20 Easter desserts

Easter is only a few weeks away! I love this time of year. Now that most of us have to stay at home and unfortunately can’t enjoy all the outdoor activities we love, I went looking for the best Easter desserts to get us through this difficult time. I love…

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