Chocolate oatmeal

Chocolate oatmeal

After sharing my recipe for French toast I wanted to share another one of my favorite breakfast recipes. I often make oatmeal for breakfast. Usually, I keep it simple and make it only with coconut milk and some fruit but, this chocolate oatmeal is definitely one of my favorites!

Oats have been eaten and cultivated by humans for thousands of years. Long before it became one of the most popular breakfast dishes, it was an important food source for the poor and animals. Fortunately, oatmeal has lost its stuffy image and you can find healthy but most of all yummy recipes everywhere!

Because oatmeal has a neutral flavour, there is no limit to the amount of variations you can make with it. By adding fruit, nuts, seeds or chocolate to your oatmeal, you can make it a lot tastier. You can use cocoa powder to replace the chocolate in this recipe. To make it a little sweeter, add some banana, honey or another sweetener to taste.


Chocolate Oatmeal

  • Difficulty:Easy
  • Serves:1

Nutrition per portion

  • 40g Oatmeal
  • 200 milk, you can use any milk you like
  • 7-14 g dark chocolate
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • Optional: 1 tsp honey
  1. Pour your milk into a pan and add the chocolate.
  2. Bring it to a boil and add the oatmeal and cinnamon.
  3. Let it simmer for about a minute and turn off the heat.
  4. Let the oatmeal stand for a minute, sprinkle some extra chocolate over it and serve warm.

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  1. Tisha

    Who wouldn’t want chocolate added to their oatmeal!!! So good and such a great idea for breakfast!


  2. Amanda Wren-Grimwood

    This looks like such a delicious and yummy breakfast. My kids will love this!


    1. Maayke

      Thank you Amanda


  3. Paula Montenegro

    Nice way to use oats. I love a good oatmeal in the morning, but never thought of making it a chocolate flavor. Great idea!


  4. Danielle Wolter

    I love the idea of using chocolate in oatmeal. This sounds like a delicious recipe!


  5. Sharon

    Chocolate for breakfast, I am so in for this to start the day! Looks easy to make and get me started on my day with a full belly.


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